Meet the Core-contributors

We are a highly dedicated and experienced team of technical developers, quantum physics researchers and business professionals who created the first and only enterprise-grade blockchain platform backed by quantum resistant, independently audited and IETF standardized eXtended Merkle Tree Signature Scheme (XMSS). We are early cryptocurrency and blockchain adopters who identified and addressed a fundamental security vulnerability common to leading projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which rely on ECDSA and remain susceptible to quantum-computer attack. Supported by our fast-expanding community, we are developing a suite of core functions that will allow business companies and individuals alike to build securely on top of and alongside the QRL platform.

Peter Waterland
JP Lomas
Adam Koltun
Adem Bilican
Aidan Beale
Andrew Chiw
Filip Radičević
Jack Matier
James Gordon
Juan Leni
Kaushal Kumar Singh
Leon Groot Bruinderink
Luke Hahn
Michael Kolenbrander
Scott Donald