Protocol Updates

A clear vision of a resilient Post Quantum store of value and communication layer is only as good as the plan and perseverance it's backed up by.

White paper release

November 2016

After discussion with developers, post-quantum cryptographers and research into existing roadmap of blockchain technology, the whitepaper was written to provide an overview of quantum resistant methodologies. The Winternitz OTS+ and Extended Merkle Signature Scheme (XMSS) were identified as the optimal solutions. This investigation also revealed the necessity of QRL to stand alone as a network with interoperability in the later pipeline.


December 2016

Design of a proof-of-stake algorithm (POS) commenced.


January 2017

Prototype node development with basic POS algorithm and integration of XMSS signatures

Block Explorer

February 2017

Prototype node development with basic POS algorithm and integration of XMSS signatures

Alpha Testnet

April 2017

Launch of the Alpha testnet with nodes running on MacOS, Linux, Windows on hardware including Raspberry Pi.

Private seed presale round opens.

Public Testnet

August 2017

Node optimization with C++.

Inter-node encrypted communication (‘new hope’ lattice-based cryptography)

Move to PoW

December 2017

Not willing to compromise a launch with an immature PoS protocol given how much value the project currently carries — and more importantly how much value it will hold in the future, QRL announces a move to temporary Proof of Work model.

PoW Testnet

January 2018

Proof of Work public testnet is released to the public

Future Proofing

February 2018

The introduction and solidification of variable key heights and signature space allows us to ensure future compatibility with almost anything. Our blockchain now includes the possibility to upgrade signature schemes (XMSS, SPHINCS, + future) and through an address format update, support different cryptographic hash functions (SHA2_256, SHAKE_128, SHAKE256 etc).

Internal Code review

March 2018

Our internal code review also compliments the more general internal security review we are currently in the process of conducting.

External Audit

March 2018

Audit Completed by red4sec with x41 doing a secondary audit for further scrutiny.


June 2018

The QRL Main Network is officially Live!

Block Explorer:
Web Wallet:
Desktop Wallets:


Token Migration

The conversion process from QRL’s ERC20 token to it’s Native QRL Network

Status: Commenced!

Ephemeral Messaging Application

Launch of the Mobile ephemeral messaging application for user-friendly Post Quantum Resistant communications

Feasibility of smart contracts integration

Research into the feasibility of implementing smart-contracts into the QRL blockchain.

Move to PoS

Hard fork to POS.