What will the QRL token migration process look like?

Before the commencement of our token migration there will be a blog and video guide outlining everything in detail on converting your QRL ERC20 tokens into QRL Quanta.

With that said, the process in general will be as follows:

  1. Make your QRL Wallet and QRL Address. This can be done from our webwallet, your Ledger, or your node.
  2. Go to The QRL Token Migration Web Page and put in your fresh QRL address created from step #1 (The Token migration page will be revealed at a later date)
  3. Get your Ethereum Burn Address to send QRL ERC20 to.
  4. Anytime you send QRL ERC20 to the reusable Ethereum Burn Address, QRL Coins are deposited 1:1 into your QRL Wallet.

ERC20 Conversion Process

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