What are some Economic Incentives to Own QRL?

Quantum Resistant Store of Value

  • This should have broad appeal to many different types of people. Building a cryptocurrency portfolio that you want to be diverse and resistant to all sorts of market events? We would argue that having something in there that will still be standing after a black swan-type event would be prudent. As would it for anyone who wants to just have their value in as secure an instrument as possible.
  • For those who are Ledger users, our utility may get a bump as we will be compatible with the Ledger Nano S

Ephemeral Data Messaging Layer

  • Ephemeral’s place in the ecosystem is to drive integrations, add functionality, and draw in more users, rather than to be a direct burning reason to stock up on QRL in a utilitarian sense


  • What is a QRT? A Quantum Resistant Token (QRT) is a categorical name for the tokens that can be created/transferred on the QRL blockchain. QRTs will inherit the quantum-resistant properties of the QRL network, removing the need for developers of potential future projects to worry about a quantum threat to their project’s tokens.
  • Like tokens on other networks, to create/transfer QRTs will require QRL. I know that I keep ETH in part to allow me to access and easily transfer ERC20’s
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