The Quantum Resistant Ledger

Secure digital assets for longevity

Externally audited enterprise-grade blockchain platform secure against an attack from quantum computers.

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Foundational Security

Not just against today's computers, but tomorrow's quantum-computers as well.

QRL is the first industrial implementation to utilize IETF specified XMSS; a hash-based, forward secure signature scheme with minimal security assumptions and reusable addresses.

An extensible address format ensures we are ready for anything out of NIST.

Implementation has been verified with two audits, one by red4sec, and another by x41 D-sec.


Extensive documentation and an API reference gives the tools to build anything, today, on an industrial grade platform that will survive tomorrow.

Some features already available:

  • Ledger-wide post-quantum security
  • Reusable addresses
  • Quantum resistant token (QRT) support
  • Multisignature wallet capability
  • On-chain message support (80 bytes)
  • PQ-notarisation support
  • Keybase ID integration
  • Full-featured API

Features under development are:


A consistent UI throughout the whole product space gives a uniform experience accompanied by a full suite of products with binaries that have 99.9% coverage means anyone has access to:

Just a click away is helpful documentation accompanied by a supportive community and email assistance 24/7 at

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